Max the Maui Moose
Welcome to, the official page for Max the Moose and his friends. Max (waving hello at right) is truly a unique moose. He has traveled the world and done many things that most moose merely dream of.
Check out Max's friends and adventures, view some special stories just for moose lovers, or correspond with Max himself!
UEFA Madness
The soccer craze that has grabbed the world for Euro 2012 has not been lost on the moose community.

Aloha from Max!

Moose Scoop
  • Max now has transportation! Check the Max on the Road section for Max styling in a Benz
  • Meet the latest addition to the moose family, Mortimer, in the Max's Friends section
  • Coming soon: Moose, Dog's Best Friend?

  • Moose Bite of the Day:
  • Around 1700, the Swedish cavalry experimented with moose as "combat vehicles." Easy to train and ride, moose have better stamina and terrain mobility than horses and were expected to terrify enemy forces who probably had never seen a moose. The problem: moose kept running away from loud artillery noises.